International tasting contest of wines and spirits according to OIV standards.
Tbilisi, Georgia, November 7-9, 2018


Georgia is not accidentally determined the venue for the next EAWSC competition.
To date, Georgia cultivates thousands of different varieties of grapes. It is a country with ancient winemaking traditions. Of the 4,000 known grape varieties around the world, approximately 500 have Georgian roots. In 2013, according to the decision of UNESCO, the Georgian way of producing wine in Kvevri (clay jugs) was included in the list of untouchable cultural heritage of mankind. The history of wine making in Georgia totals 8 thousand years.
The objectives of the competition: to demonstrate the quality potential of wine production and to promote its promotion to the world market.
Jury members are invited by authoritative judges from 20 countries, which guarantees compliance with the highest international standards OIV.
The results of the previous competition can be viewed here.

OIV patronage
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Transparent evaluation system and confirmation of the result
We send each participant a score of judges within 10 days. We send medals at the expense of the organizer by mail to any country.
Participants of competition
The following companies confirmed their participation.
* The list is constantly updated. Watch for updates
  1. Akhali Marani (Georgia)
  2. Balkan Divin (Belarus)
  3. Buket Moldavii (Republic of Moldova)
  4. Buneburi (Georgia)
  5. Calarasi Divin (Republic of Moldova)
  6. Hermeziu Winery (Romania)
  7. Danieli Winery (Georgia)
  8. Gotz Pinceszet (Hungary)
  9. Hubert Sparkling Wine (Slovakia)
  10. Ialoveni Winery (Republic of Moldova)
  11. IRBO (Georgia)
  12. Karas Wines (Armenia)
  13. Kuban-Vino (Russia)
  14. La Baia del Sole (Italy)
  15. Lomtadze family wine (Georgia)
  16. Marani Nishi (Georgia)
  17. Navarra (Spain)
  18. Rioja Alavesa (Spain)
  19. Shavino (Georgia)
  20. Tata si Fiul Winery (Romania)
  21. Tierras de Armenia (Armenia)
  22. Thakoli (Spain)
  23. Vakhtanguri (Georgia)
  24. Vardiashvili Family Wine (Georgia)
  25. Vinárske závody Topoľčianky (Slovakia)
  26. Vinselekt Michlovsky (Czech Republic)
  27. Weingut Anselmann (Germany)
  28. Торговый Дом Бульбаш (Belarus)
  29. Южная винная компания (Russia)
  30. Lomtadze family wine (Georgia)
  31. Askaneli Brothers (Georgia)
  32. wine&co (Georgia)
  33. Casreli Cellar (Georgia)
  34. Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards (Georgia)
  35. Anaseuli Kombinat (Georgia)
  36. Romatim (Moldova)
  37. Agrotao (Georgia)
  39. Chateau Nekresi (Georgia) Georgian Wine House (Georgia)
  41. Irakli Mogeladze (Georgia)
  42. Family Wine and Spirits (Georgia)
  43. Ivan Kupala-Torg (Belarus)
  44. Kakhetian wines (Georgia)
  45. Martali wines (Georgia)
Our experts
The list of experts is at the stage of filling
Jean-Marie Aurand
OIV General Director
Various important responsibilities within the French Ministry for Agriculture since 1975 before his election at the head of the International Organisation of Wine and Vine. Professional and technical coordination missions in OIV member States, in the European Union, North and South America, Africa and Asia.
Murman Kuridze
Organizer and project manager, Chairman of the jury. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Member of the International Academy of Grapes and Wine, Chairman of the Union of Georgian Oenologists. Certified taster, Multiple participant of international and Georgian tasting competitions
  • Georgian Agricultural Institute
  • Postgraduate study of the former All-Union Research Institute of Wine-Making and Viticulture "Magarach" (Yalta)
Jozef Kosarka
Dr.,Wine Writer,Member of Academy and Hungarian Sommelier Association
  • Graduate, Master and Doctorate degrees at the University of Economics of Budapest (BKE),
  • Master degree at the Budapest Business School (KKF)

Na ZHAO (Constance)
Viticulture&Enology, WSET educator, Judging at International Wine Competitions regularl, Wine Writer, China Wine Ambassador, Founder and Buyer of Vinterest, which is a paid club system to recommend selected wines to club members, Consultant Buyer for 3 Chinese wine importers, Speaker of professional forums, master classes, including, VinChina, Asia Wine Buyers' Conference, Asia Wine Media Summit
  • Masters of Degree of Wine Biochemistry
  • Bachelors of Degree of Viticulture and Enology
  • WSET Diploma Candidate
  • WSET Level 3
  • Sherry Expert
Chan Jun Park
CEO of Dlex international Co. (International Wine Marketing),Asia Director of Asia Wine Trophy, Berlin Wine Trophy and Portugal Wine Trophy, Director of Daejeon International Wine & Spirits Fair, Vice President (International Cooperation) of Korea International Sommelier Association,Founder & Member of Korea Wine Writers Club, Executive Editor & Columnist of the Web Wine Magazine THE SCENT (, Member of Korea Wine Association,Associate Member of Asian Wine Producers Association, Chief-Correspondent Asia of German Wine Magazine DiVin
  • Yeonsei University College of Law (Seoul, Korea)
  • University of Cologne Doctor Course Completion & Researcher of Criminal Law Institute (Cologne, Germany)
    Elbrus Ahmedov
    Engineer-technologist, winemaker with many years of experience. Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chief Engineer-technologist in Gyanja Sharab 2. Judge at international tasting competitions.
    Agricultural Academy S.Agamalyoglu in Ganja, faculty "Winemaking and viticulture" on the specialty of engineer-technologist winemaker.
    Alicia Eckert
    Executive director of wine competitions in Panama. Commercial representative of Argentine wine companies in Panama, Central America, Caribbean, Colombia. Judge at international wine contests.
    Studies of the Wine and Wineries realized with the world expert of wines and liquors Ing. Raul Castellani.
    Vladimir Striezenec
    The technologist-winemaker, experience of 25 years.
    Own production. Château Topoľčianky.
    Participation in international competitions
    • Food technical school Nitra, Slovakia
    • Moscow State Food University
    • Certified taster
    Vladimir Dmitriev
    The technologist of winemaking and cognac production. Expert. Organization and support of supplies of wine products of Moldovan enterprises to profile enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Organization of scientific and practical seminars. Judging at international tasting competitions
    • Chisinau Financial and Economic Technical School, Faculty of OMOEI,
    • Chisinau Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Economics
    Аnna Godabrelidze
    Engineer-Technologist, Georgia Wine expert, Director of Vine and Wine Academy, Director of Georgian Wine school, Tasting Laboratory Manager, Vice-President of Commission BOISPI, President of Young Winemakers Union of Georgia (YWUG), Director of Tsinandali Wine School, Chairman of State Testing Commission. National Wine Agency

    • University of Montesquieu, Bordeaux (France), à Diploma of Master of Law, Economics & Management of Wine sector (Master II)
    • Nodar Dumbadze's University of Tbilisi, à Diploma of Lawyer
    • Agrarian State University of Georgia. Technology of Wine-Making, à Diploma of Engineer-Technologist
    Vladimir Tsapelik
    2000 – present – Independent Wine Club – President
    • Management, Consulting, Wine Tasting, Journalism
    • Consulting importers on best wines around the World.
    • Judge, International Wine Competitions (Emotions from the World: Merlot and Cabernet Together – Bergamo, Italy, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition – USA, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Mundusvini and Berlin Trophy - Germany, Vinandino - Argentina, Muvina - Slovakia, The Balkans International Wine Competition – Bulgaria, Wine Competitions – Serbia, etc.)
    • Reports on the Russian wine market for foreign companies, conferences and seminars.
    • Master-classes on Russian Wines in London, LIWF; Zagreb, Croatia; VinItaly, Verona, Italy, Grune Woche, Berlin, Germany, etc.

    Ucha Tugushi
    Administrator of Wine Tasting Shop "RESERVE"
    Administrator and Degustator of wine in Chateau Zegaani

    • Medical College of Kemerovo
    • Georgian N.Dumbadze University , Faculty of Law
    • Georgian University of Agriculture Technical Faculty
    • 2015 Georgian Association of Sommelier
    • 2016 Degustation School "Kabistoni"
    Nikoloz Agdgomelashvili
    .Certified sommelier.
    Former Chef Sommelier Vinotel
    Current Chef Sommelier Art-House

    • 2015 Degustation School "Kabistoni"
    • 2016 Georgian Association of Sommelier
    Miloš Michlovský
    Czech Republic
    Оne of the leading Czech experts in the field of viticulture, vineyard care and grapevine breeding. Chairman of the Board and General Director of VINSELEKT MICHLOVSKÝ, a breeder, an enologist-practitioner. Author's innovative technologies.
    • School of viticulture Valtice
    • Russian State Agrarian University, Moscow, practice at the Institute "Magarach"
    • Doctor of Science, Associate Professor of Horticulture
    Giorgi Dakishvili
    Founder and chief winemaker at Dakishvili family vineyards.
    Participation as a jury member at the international wine competitions: International Wine Award, Georgia Tbilisi; International Qvevri wine competition; Black see wine and spirits contest 2016 Batumi, Georgia; Concurs Mondial de Bruxells.

    Doctor of food technology
    Juan Antonio Bilbao
    Professor, oenologist, winemaker, teacher, marketing consultant, organizer and director of professional courses for tasters: Bilbao, Murcia, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Helsinki, Dusseldorf and other exhibitions and fairs.
    Writer. Judge at international wine contests
    • Universidad del País Vasco (University of the Basque Country). Leioa. Bizkaia. Chemistry Section.
    • Master en Viticulture, Oenology and Winery Management. Laguardia. Escuela Superior del Vino (Wine College)
    Constantin Olaru
    Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Member of the Union of Oenologists of the Republic of Moldova; Central Commission for Tasting of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry; Committee for Technical Standardization No. 9 "Wine and Wine, Other Alcohol Products".

    Professional experience
    • National Institute of Grape Vine and Wine,
    • Head of the Laboratory "Hard beverages and sparkling wines", SA "Vismos", General Director.
    • Authorized taster

    Levan Mekhuzla
    Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, National Wine Agency,Vice Chairman,A highly professional specialist in the field of wine and alcoholic beverages, wine marketing and management.Teacher. Authorized taster. WSET 2 and 3 levels.
    • Georgian National Agrarian University,
    • Bachelor of Winners-Technologists;
    • Eommax S.A. (Greece)
    • Training course on "Viticulture and oenology", certificate, School of Narbonne University (France)
    • Сourse of winemaking and viticulture, certificate.
    Georg Binder

    Oenology Group Leader (a.D.) in the Institute for Viticulture and Oenology in Neustadt/W.-Germany
    Work in Wine-Research and Education (Faculty for Viticulture and Oenology Neustadt/W.)
    Member of National Wine Expert Panel
    Member of International Wine Competition Juries: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Berlin Wine Trophy, Grand Concours de vin blancs Strassburg, International wine contests in Bucharest/Romania, Tbilisi/Georgia, Chisinau/Moldavia, Selezione del Sindaco/Italy, Anadia/Portugal, Daejeon/South-Corea
    Writing for: Deutsches Weinmagazin, Der Deutsche Weinbau and other Wine Magazines
    Consultant focuses on wine and projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

    University for Agroscience Iassy, Romania
    Wanda Botnari
    Chief winemaker "Kuban-Vino", director for production. Member of the Central Tasting Commission of the Krasnodar Territory. Expert at international professional competitions of wines and spirits. The owner of the Eurasian patent "The way of production of sparkling wines". Engineer-microbiologist.
    State farm-school of winemaking and viticulture at the faculty "Technology of wine", Chisinau
    Mariami Khomasuridze
    Engineer-technologist of wines and alcoholic beverages, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at the Technical University of Georgia. Taster (wine tester) in the State Commission for testing wine and sparkling wines of Georgia. National Wine Agency. Head of Quality Assurance Service. Member of the Union of Oenologists of Georgia. Participant of international scientific conferences, tasting competitions. The author of scientific works and the book "Technology of vodka".
    • Georgian State Agrarian University- Qualification: The Engineer- technologist of wine and Alcoholic Beverages.
    • Georgian Scientific Research Institute of Wine-making, Horticulture and viticulture- Post graduate student, Georgian Technical University.
    • Qualification Translator-referent (English Language).
    • Bachelor

    Magda Surguladze
    Engineer-technologist. Wine expert. Certified sommelier of Georgia, a member of the Sommelier Association of Georgia. Member of the State Testing Commission of the National Wine Agency of Georgia. Teacher at the Georgian Agrarian University.
    • Agrarian State University of Georgia. Technology of winemaking, diploma of the engineer-technologist. Master.
    • Agrarian University of Georgia - doctoral student.
    • Tbilisi wine school.
    • Moscow Sommelier School - Nostalgia
    • Level 2 WSET

    Irma Thanturia

    Engineer-technologist. Wine expert. Director of Wine Laboratory LTD. Taster at the State tasting
    Commiitee of National Wine Agency of Georgia. Speaker of international scientific conferences.
    Member of international tasting competitions. A lecturer at the Georgian Technical University and the
    Georgian State University. The lecturer of the wine quality control course at the Tbilisi Wine School.
    The local expert of the GIZ project - Promotion of private sector development in the South Caucasus (Winemaking)

    Georgian State Agrarian University- Qualification: The Engineer- technologist
    Enzo Giorgi
    Asessor Agriculture, Tourism and Culture at the City of Arcola, Directive National Association of Wine Cities " Città del Vino", ONAV Directive Delegation of the Spezia,
    certified ONAV National Organization of Wine Tasters, certified AIS Italian Sommelier Association, certified AIS official taster.

    Participates as a jury at the International Competitions:
    Anatoly Malinovsky

    Independent wine critic, sommelier, wine consultant of WINE DISCOVERY SELECTION (Ukraine). Consultant on drinking culture in the restaurant and hotel business.
    Actual projects: DOORS - Enogastronomic restaurant-club (Ukraine, Odessa), NOBILE (Moldova, Chisinau), the first French restaurant for haute cuisine in Belarus La Crete d'Or (Minsk). Conducting the first professional wine tasting in the territory of Antarctica.
    Commercial Representative of Moldovan Wine Companies in China.

    Professional experience:
    • Wine school Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, President of the Odessa Union of Bartenders and Sommeliers, Honorary Member of the Society of Tasters of France.
    • The judge at the international wine and hard alcohol competitions.
    • The first professional wine tasting in Antarctic Continent.
    Oksana Tkachenko
    Scientific tutor at the Laboratory of Sensory Analysis and Director of the "International Center for Ukrainian-French Cooperation" at the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies . Professor of the Department of Wine Technologies and Enology. Member of the Specialized Academic Council at the National Scientific Center»"Institute of Viticulture and Wine, named by V.Tairov" . Author and co-author of more than 100 scientific articles. National expert on enology in the EU project "Support for the introduction of geographical indications in Ukraine". Member of international scientific conferences, forums, major research projects on innovative technologies for wine production.
    • Scientific Research Institute of Winemaking and Viticulture "Magarach",
    • Doctor of science.
    • Crimean Agricultural Institute, speciality "Horticulture and viticulture".
    Lado Uzunashvili
    Georgia, Australia
    Oenologist. Winemaker, international level consultant, wine production manager in Georgia, Australia, France, Ukraine, Morocco, etc. Doctor of Enology.
    International judge of the World Wine Competition in Brussels. President of the Executive Committee for International Winempo WinExpo, Georgia. Member of the American Wine Society. A member of Beverage Trading Network.
    • Faculty of Oenology, Montpellier University, France.
    • PhD in Oenology.Bachelor of Oenology (Recognised in Australia), Faculty of Oenology and Alcoholic Beverages.
    • The All-Union Food Industry University, Moscow
    Gabriel Stoyka
    The oenologist S.C.Agro Industrial Ceres (Romania), winemaker, fermentologist, wine expert. Coordinator of production activities from grapes to wine bottling in South African wineries (NEDERBURG WINES CELLAR, PAARL), Italy (AZIENDA AGRICOLA ZACCAGNINI), Romania (TENUTA ODOBEŞTI SRL, ODOBEŞTI VINEX SRL). Exchange of experience, advanced training in the USA, Germany. Judge at international competitions.
    • University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Iasi, the Faculty of Winemaking.
    • University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, Faculty of Winemaking
    Mikheil Meskhi
    Technical Director, Co – owner Shvidi Wine, Tbilisi
    United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Kakheti region, Georgia
    Training/consulting of winemaker farmers on modern methods of winemaking

    • June 2014 Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET)
    • Educator training programme London, UK
    • February -March 2014 Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) L
    • USAID Project, Tbilisi, Georgia
    • June- July 2012 Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 Award in Wine and
    • Spirits
    • April- June 2012 Free University of Tbilisi- Certified Business Administrator CBA, Tbilisi, Georgia
    • 1999-2002 The Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Georgia
    • 1997- 1998 University of Burgundy - Institute of Enology and Viticulture, Dijon, France
    Arthur Sarkisyan
    Russia, Armenia
    Independent wine expert. Honored Sommelier of the Russian Federation. Head of the Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia. Head of the Association of Sommeliers and Experts of Armenia. The author of wine guides of Russia and Armenia. Co-founder of the School and Wine Center Wine People, Moscow. Co-founder of the wine cellar Le Sommelier. Judge and organizer of prestigious Russian and international tasting contests, forums, professional tastings. Winner of the VI Russian Sommelier Competition, 2005. Author and co-author of projects and exclusive blinds #blabla, Phantom, etc.
    • MGUTU G.K. Razumovsky.
    • In the restaurant industry since 1998. He studied at the wine school "Nostalzhi", Moscow.
    • Trained in Spain, Italy, France.
    • He worked as a sommelier at the restaurants of the GINZA Project Holding and at the restaurants of the Golden Ring Hotel.
    Zurab Sturua
    Expert-taster of international class, Independent expert-consultant, member of the Oenology Union of Georgia, Member of the jury of international competitions in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, Yalta and Batumi. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Academic of International Academy of viticulture and winemaking, Moscow, Russia. Participant in working out of the State Laws. For merit in winemaking field is awarded with GOLITSIN gold medal. 80 scientific works, including 18 authorship and 5 patents.
    • Diploma upon completion of the Moscow Technical Institute of the Food Industry (Moscow, Russia)
    • Post-Graduate studentship at the Scientific Research Institute of Wine-Making and Viticulture "Magarach" (Yalta)

    Giorgi Kvesitadze
    President of Georgian National
    Academy of Sciences
    A detailed description of the rules of the competition under the patronage of OIV
    is here.
    3 reasons for participation in wine competitions
    Medal for your products
    Recognition of impeccable work of your company's employees and high quality products

    Negotiations with buyers
    There is organized a testing room for buyers from retail chains and HoReCa segment
    Tilda Publishing
    The right to apply a sticker with a picture of a medal on the bottle
    Medal-a sign of quality and a powerful marketing tool
    in the wholesale and retail sales of wine

    PR Participating in the contest you get an extensive advertising campaign in the media on the territory of the Eurasian region. Information about your products will be sent to the main thematic online and offline media.
    Our partners
    Technical partner
    Murman Kuridze
    Project Manager, Chairman of the Union of Georgian Oenologists
    David Tatulashvili
    Deputy. Chairman of the Union of Georgian Oenologists
    Diana Grigoryan
    Project manager
    Stanislav Zhdanov
    Technical manager
    Irina Stefan (Moldova)
    Elena Bazighina (Moldova)
    Julia Talmazan (Moldova)
    Semen Labutin (Moldova)

    51, Ivane Javakhishvili street,
    Tbilisi, Georgia, 0102
    Tel: +995 595225552
    Diana Grigoryan, manager
    Technical partner
    PPE S.R.L.

    41/1,bl.C, of. 2, str.M. Eminescu,
    mun. Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2012,
    Теl: +373 22 22 20 70 , моb.+373 6997 33 88
    Elena Bazighina, manager
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